We offer bookkeeping and payroll services using software package Comarch ERP Optima and Microsoft Dynamics - NAV (Navision).

We are licensed Ministy of Finance on the bookkeeping and liability insurance

The services offered by the "Codex" include:
  1. Bookkeeping services
    • Accounting books
    • Tax revenue and expense ledger
    • Income records
    • Records of VAT tax
    • Preparation of financial statements
    • A diversion of tax arrears
    • Help with start-up and liquidation of the company
    • Accounting advice
    • Co-operation with Customer's auditors
    • Contact with tax authorities
  2. Reporting
    • Create and design your billing information, special reports, also in English - in accordance with the requirements of the Customer
  3. Payroll, HR, social security
  1. Payroll services
    • Preparation of the payroll list
    • Preparation and filing monthly declarations to the Social Security authorities
    • Preparation of information relating to Personal Income Taxes
    • Preparation of annual PIT declaration (PIT-11, PIT-8B)
  2. HR services
    • Preparation of documents for establishing and terminating the employment relationship in accordance with applicable labor laws
    • Carrying out a worker's personal file in accordance with applicable regulations
    • Preparation and handing out necessary employee’s documentation concerning their employment